How to Run for Office

Kelly on March 30, 2015

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How do you learn how to run for office? It is a simple question. One that more than 500,000 people have to answer every year.

How to Run for Office

There’s a popular belief anyone can run a political campaign. While technically true, there is a difference between doing something and doing it well.

Technically, I could rebuild the porch steps to my home, but I think I would rather have a professional carpenter do the job.

But, what if I cannot afford a professional carpenter?

I’m not just going to go out front, hammer some nails into some wood, slap on some paint and claim victory. The result may look like porch steps, but I doubt anyone wants to put them to the test.

Instead, I’d go online to research and learn. Before I start spending money on wood, nails and paint, I’m going to make a plan and ask for advice.

The point is there are very fews things in life you can do well without preparation and training. Running for office is not one of them.

Running a Political Campaign Is a Skill

Running a political campaign is a skill. One that needs to be learned, practiced and honed over time. But most people running for for office don’t have that luxury.

People who want to run for school board, city council, county board or even mayor usually do not have the budget necessary for access to experienced campaign staff or professional consultants.

They are stuck trying to re-create the wheel on their own. They must learn how to run a campaign by themselves.

This is the problem GetElected solves. We believe everyone should know how to run a modern, effective campaign.

GetElected Teaches You How to Run for Office

If you want to run for office, but don’t know how, we created an online school to teach you everything you need to know: field, finance, message, and more.

All good campaigns start by establishing goals. How many votes does it take to win? How much money will be needed to get these votes? GetElected shows you how to answer these.

Once goals are set, the campaign needs a plan to meet them. GetElected can show you how.

Every lesson is designed to be affordable, useful and immediately applicable. Each class includes downloads, templates and examples that can be used immediately.

Does This Work for Every Campaign?


We’ve worked all over the country on campaigns big and small. On every race, no matter where, someone always claimed “It is different here.”

They were all wrong.

Yes, every district is unique. Yes, all politics are local.

However, the strategies and tactics available to candidates are no different in North Carolina than they are in Oregon or Arizona or Illinois or Connecticut.

It is how you use the political strategies and tactics to meet your goals that makes your campaign unique.

At GetElected, we show you how to set your goals and ways to meet them. We want to teach to you run your campaign the right way. Most importantly, we want you to win.

If you’re running for office, please take a look at our course catalog. If you know someone who is running and may be interested in what we are offering, please share this post with them.

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Kelly, founder of GetElected, spent sixteen years in politics working campaigns all across the country at every level of government. His specialty is new campaign creation, strategy and fundraising.

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