Message Box Monday: The Inaugural Edition

Kelly on June 23, 2014

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Happy Monday! Today, we’re introducing a new feature to the GetElected blog: Message Box Mondays (MBMs). Every Monday, we’ll take a look at a hypothetical matchup between two candidates running for an office. Sometimes we’ll look at real races. Sometimes we’ll just be making them up. We’ll examine how a message box for each race would look and hope you’ll give your own thoughts and examples.

We’ve timed the launch of MBM to coordinate with our GetElected class: How to Build a Campaign Message. For the inaugural edition of this feature, we decided to go big. Today’s matchup: Jack Bauer vs. Chuck Norris for County Sheriff.

American Sheriff Message Box : Bauer vs Norris That’s right. The world’s two most deadly and feared super agents are facing off. Let’s check out the message box! First, for those new to campaigns, let’s go over what a message box is.

Campaign Message Box

A campaign, at its most basic level, is a competition between two opponents based on some fundamental difference. A message box is a visual tool that you can use in order to better understand the contrast between yourself and your opponent.

Ideally, the message box exercise help you crystalize your campaign message and understand the fundamental dynamics of the race. It can also help you anticipate your opponent’s message and develop effective responses before in anticipation of an opponent’s activities. So, how would the Bauer vs Norris for Sheriff message box look? Here’s our take. What do you think?

Bauer Norris Message Box

Clearly, both campaigns have some work to do, but I think we can all see the lines of attack from either side. (Pun intended.)

Finally, in reality, this message box would be blank. Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris would not talk. They’d let their actions speak for them. OK, I’ll stop with the bad jokes.

What did we miss in our box? Share you thoughts in the comments. We’d love to hear them. Candidates, you can clearly see the advantages to completing a message box for your own race. It will help you understand what the voters are hearing, what the other campaign wants the voters to know about them, and hopefully, allow you to draft the most effective and winning campaign plan possible.

Good luck!

*Editor’s Note: Have an idea for a future Message Box Monday? Email, tweet or Facebook it to us.

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