Message Box Monday: Tony Stark v. Captain America

Kelly on August 4, 2014

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Message Box Monday is back for our second edition. This week we’re taking a look at two box office favorites. Both are iconic characters from the Marvel comic, The Avengers. What if Tony Stark and Captain America, a pair of classic but flawed heroes, were both running for Congress?

Remember, this is a tongue-in-cheek exercise devised for you to practice making a simple message box. The goal is to help you develop your own campaign message with a fun example. If you need a primer on message boxes, check out this blog post. In meantime, onto to this week’s matchup!

Stark vs Captain America Message Box


Two classic American icons are running for the same seat in Congress. Clearly, Stark would win the fundraising battle simply by writing a check, though I think Captain America might win over the grassroots donors. Both men would have the resources they need to run a top tier race.

Here’s how we saw the message breaking down:

Message Box #2

This is a classic case of two candidates who share many strengths and weaknesses. Both are experienced, successful leaders. Both saved the world many times over. Both are self made men with compelling personal stories to share.

Stark plays up his business experience and portrays the Captain as out of touch. The Captain on the other hand, seeks to portray Tony Stark as a self-absorbed rich kid, who made billions as an international arms dealer. Not the type of person we want in Congress.

I can only imagine the commercials. But more importantly, who would get Thor’s endorsement? Will the Black Widow make campaign appearances?

What do you think? What’s the best message for either candidate?

If you want to know more about developing a campaign message, our Campaign Message lesson is available online for any and all to use. 

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