The 2016 GetElected Campaign Plan Masterclass

It doesn’t matter if you are a first time candidate or a long-term incumbent, when you run for office, your campaign needs a plan that lays out your path to victory.There are too many distractions on the campaign trail that take away your focus on what matters most: Winning.

Most campaigns cannot afford to hire a professional consultant or experienced staff to run their operation. We’re turning that notion on its head. GetElected offers training designed and built by veteran campaign staff from all across the country.

The Campaign Plan Masterclass is no exception. This is the one class you need to build your own winning campaign plan for 2016.

Please note: While it sounds corny, The Campaign Plan Masterclass is for serious individuals running for office (or thinking about running for office) in 2016. There will be actual work assigned and expectations of you. Work that can then be put immediately to use on your own campaign.

Class Goal:

This four-part live training program will teach you how to set the goals that matter most to your campaign, then cover the strategies and tactics you can use to meet them. This includes raising the money you need and finding the voters to win—all as part of a comprehensive campaign plan specifically for your race.

How to Know If You Need the Masterclass
Can you answer these five fundamental questions about your campaign plan?

  1. How many votes you need to win?
  2. Where are these voters?
  3. How much money you need to reach them?
  4. How will raise the money you need?
  5. What is your message once you find them?

If you can’t answer all of these questions, this class is for you. We’ll show you how to answer each of them as part of a comprehensive campaign plan focused on winning.

Our four-week training will teach you how to personally determine the most important goals of your political campaign and how to meet them.

(Yes, we’ll help you with feedback and advice on your plan. Interactive means just that.)

What Is the Class?

Four weeks. Online. One hour. Live and interactive. Every Wednesday at Noon (EST) beginning December 2nd.

(The classes will be available offline for registrants who cannot make the live webinar.)

What’s Included:

  • Week One: Campaign Plan: GoalsThat Matter – Field, Fundraising and Message
  • Week Two: Field Focus – How Find Your Win Number, Vote Goal and Target Your Voters
  • Week Three: Fundraising Focus – ABC: The Secret to Fundraising
  • Week Four: Message Focus: How to Craft and Spread Your Campaign Message

Each week examples, templates, and downloads to use on your race will be included in every class and offline. At the start of each class, we’ll review the assignments from the previous week. The assignments are designed for you to create the materials, message and plan you need to know how to win your race.

Why Should I Take This Class?

Running for office is one of the biggest decisions of your life. It’s worth doing the right way. We’ve started and run dozens of campaigns all across the country at every level. We’ve trained hundreds of candidates, staff, and activists on the art of campaigning. We cannot guarantee you’ll win, but we’ll show you what you need to do to get there.

Who Should Take the Class?

Simple. Anyone running or who wants to run for office. New candidates or long-standing incumbents. If you want, your staff can join.

This is NOT a partisan class. We will not talk about issues or partisan ideas. Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Independents, and anyone else who wants to participate is welcome.

We believe everyone running for office, regardless of budget or size of the race, should have access to campaign training. The more people involved in our Democracy, the better. If you don’t like someone’s political ideology, then run a better campaign and beat them.

Unfortunately, most campaigns cannot afford to hire experienced staff or professional consultants and sadly most candidates are not lucky enough to have access to modern campaign training.

GetElected wants to change that. We believe anyone who runs for office should have access to the fundamental basics (and more.)

Please Note: All candidates’ work will be confidential and not shared with any one else outside GetElected.

“Your campaign needs a plan. It doesn’t matter if you are a ten year incumbent or a first time candidate, if you are running in the heart of the city, the suburbs or rural America, the strategies and tactics available are the same.”
– Kelly Dietrich, CEO of GetElected

What Does it Cost?

Easy. One price: $247.

Who Are You?

I’m Batman. (Sorry, bad joke.) I’m Kelly Dietrich, the founder of GetElected. I’ve been a political consultant for more than eighteen years and I’ve worked races all across the country at nearly every level, but mostly U.S. House and Senate. My specialty was new campaign creation and fundraising.

Everywhere I went working for candidates (most who won, but by no means, not all) I met incredible people running for local office. They would ask questions I took for granted: How do I know how many votes I need? How do I ask someone for money?

These were women and men with successful careers and families. Smart people who wanted to make a difference in their community. Yet, for each of them, it was incredibly difficult to find information on how to run a political campaign.

This experience led me to create GetElected, the only non-partisan online training website aimed at local and down ballot candidates.

Are You Selling a Product?

No. We are a campaign training company. We’d love for you to take more lessons once you see what we have to offer, but we are not a traditional campaign consultant. We don’t produce direct mail, commercials, yard signs, websites, polling, or any other political service.

If you have more questions, we’d love to answer them. Shoot us an email.


P.S. Again, we want reiterate that this class is for serious individuals running for office (or thinking about running for office) in 2016. There will be actual work assigned and expectations of you. Work that can then be put immediately to use on your own campaign.